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.eColonia project
eColonia Community Project
eColonia Community Project for creating an international community portal for settlements, institutions, organizations, groups and individuals.
eColonia Community Project
The Aim of eColonia project:
The aim of the project is creating an international community portal and a network of related websites, which provide services and effective support for information exchange among the participants, building up new partnerships and common projects, allocating resources, and publishing the results to the wider public through a complex web of webpages, newsletter, news and video channels.

Internet presence
- Listing on the eColonia central portal and in the eColonia database
- Publishing opportunities in the thematic categories of the central portal
- Publishing Your Introduction multimedia presentation*
- Building an own website or portal for your settlement,organization, etc. 
   (dinamyc CMS, web2 functions, according to w3c standards, own domain name)
- Interactive channels: forumok, community chat, voting, virtula conference, egovernment functions.
- eBusiness functions: donations, webshops (eg. for local communities), etc.

Active communication and publishing opportunities to your partners and to the public
- Publishing in the central portal
- Your own (as a settlement,organization,etc.) and central newsletters
- Thematic news channels (rss)
- Media (audio/video) channels (podcast)
- Publishing films, multimedia presentations, audio entertainments on the eColonia internet TV channel**

Groupwork support
- Finding and managing partners, maintaining permanent communication
- Creating virtual community clubs
- Announcing and communicating projects (private or community) 
- Accessing new resources
- Organizing virtual conferences

Producing media materials on a discount price
- Natural and cultural documentaries, promotional and educational videos  (discount: 33%)
- Highly interactive DVDs (discount: 33%)
- Exclusive multimedia presentations (discount: 33%)

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